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The key data behind our success

The secret to our success lies in the beginnings of GO!. Established in 1984 as Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Kurierdienste, today GO! is the quality leader for SMEs in the KEP sector in Germany. The network concept has characterised our business activity right from the outset.

The individual GO! stations work largely independently; this provides them the latitude they need to respond flexibly to local conditions and to adapt to the individual needs of their customers. The GO! head office in Bonn co-ordinates the processes in the far-flung network and ensures uniform adherence to high quality standards .

1984 On 10 November, eight medium-sized courier services established the ‘Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Kurierdienste’, or ADK for short.
1994 The GO! Express & Logistics brand is born.
2001 The company head office moves from Hamburg and Stuttgart to Bonn
2003 In January, GO! Express & Logistics, in co-operation with the British express provider NORSK, launches an own international airline.
2004 20-year jubilee of ADK and GO! Express & Logistics.
2008 In January the new GO! Sorting Centre opens in Niederaula – the logistics hub of our company.
2009 In November GO! Express & Logistics celebrates its 25-year jubilee
2014 Restructured as GO! Express & Logistics and 30-year jubilee