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Customs forms & waybills

The main shipping document is the GO! waybill. Position your cursor over the various fields for tips on things to bear in mind when completing the waybill.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 GO! Waybill

Waybills can be obtained through your GO! station. Or simply order them now here – online, easily and conveniently.

Customs forms

In international shipping, additional shipping documents are required that we make available for you to download here.

Pro forma invoice (PDF)

for shipment of merchandise subject to customs duties to all countries outside the EU

Video declaration (PDF)

confirming that you are not sending any pornographic material to the USA or Islamic countries. The video declaration also serves as a pro forma invoice.

1 Recipient

Enter all of the relevant particulars about the recipient here. If there is some hindrance to delivery, a telephone number will permit us to react quickly and directly. Shipments cannot be made to post office boxes.

2 Quantity

Please enter the quantity of parcels in the shipment here. A shipment can consist of multiple parcels, provided they are all to be delivered to the same recipient.

3 Service

Tick the service type you wish:

  • Overnight: for shipments within Germany.
  • Letter: for national and international documents up to 250 g in B3 (Letter large) and B4 (Letter small) formats.
  • Day service: for same-day delivery.
  • Direct route: for immediate transport of your shipments from door to door.
  • International: for your worldwide shipments of goods and documents.

4 Special services

Here you may add special services. Please inform yourself of the additional costs with your GO! station.

Scheduled delivery:

Let us know here your preferred delivery time or the delivery-time window or as an AB date.

Weekend, holiday:

Here, please note the desired delivery date if this falls on a weekend or a holiday.

Confirmation of receipt:

If you wish to receive a direct delivery confirmation following delivery, please enter the desired telephone or fax number here.

Cash on delivery:

Please enter the cash-on-delivery amount in euros here.

Identity verification:

Select this option if we should verify the recipient’s identity on your behalf.

Transport insurance:

Aside from standard liability of up to € 2,500, GO! offers you the opportunity to conclude additional transport insurance cover. Please arrange the requirements and scope with your GO! station.

Special instructions

Here, please enter special instructions for the transport of your shipment, such as e.g. ‘additional address information’ or other messages for the courier.

5 Security statement

If you are registered with GO! as a known sender within the terms of the Air Security Act, here you have the opportunity to confirm to us that your shipment does not contain any prohibited objects within the terms of the EU Directive.

6 Sender’s signature

The waybill must be signed and dated by the sender. With your signature, you confirm this order and your acceptance of our General Terms and Conditions. These can be found on the reverse of the last copy of the waybill, which remains with the sender as a receipt (of the shipment).

7 Customs information

Description of goods

If you are sending your goods to a non-German-speaking country, we ask you for an exact description of the freight in English. If you have already filled out the ‘Complete contents’ field, there is no need to repeat the entry here.

Commodity tariff no.

You will find this eight-digit number in the Merchandise Trade Statistics, or locate it online using the tariff search feature of the EU Commission.

Customs value

The customs value is computed by adding the invoice amount for the merchandise to the pro rata freight and insurance costs through to the customs border of the EU.

Country of origin

Here you are requested to enter the country in which the merchandise was entirely derived or produced.

VAT ID no.

The VAT identification number consists of the country abbreviation and a maximum of 12 more digits, e.g. DE 123456789.

Assumption of customs costs

Ordinarily the recipient pays for customs duties as it receives a refund of the import tax from the relevant tax office. It is also possible for the customer or another third party to assume these costs. In the latter case, consult with your GO! station in advance.