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GO! Shipment tracking

Keeping an eye on shipment status at all times

With GO!, you’ll always know where your shipment is at any particular time. Simply enter your waybill number and you’ll be provided with all of the data at a glance.

You may enter as many waybill numbers as you like. Separate the individual numbers from one another using a line break (Return key).

GO! Shipment tracking

Ideal when you are on the move: the GO! tracking app

With the free GO! tracking app for iPhone or iPad, you can keep an eye on your GO! shipments at any time. Simply enter your waybill number and you will be provided with detailed information about the current progress of your shipment. And all without any need to log in separately!

You can download the GO! tracking app free of charge in the iTunes App Store.

The quick contact to GO!

Simply dial the GO! service number

+45 7030 1414

and you will be put through direct to the local GO! station responsible for you.